Wonderfultouch Spa Massage Homestead FL. 33030

We offer the day spa style massage and the more medical style massage .

Spa Massage

The Swedish Massage is a popular light pressure massage excellent choice for 1st time massage and for those who simply want to relax.

Deep tissue massage is more pressure than the Swedish massage.  Good for taking out knots and hard achy muscles.  It may feel a bit more painful but when done correctly the pain feels good. Recommended for those who can take more pressure.

Hot Stones massage is luxury massage it is all about  smooth stones that are heated and then placed on your back while you enjoy the heat and others stones are glided over the arms and legs.  Then while face up the same placement of stones is done to the front. 

We offer the most comfortable massages for pregnant woman.  This is a special time for moms to be and we want your massage to be special too.  Our prenatal massage will help your body relax and feel better. Our massage will reduce aches and discomfort and swelling to the feet and hands.  Your going to love it.

Couples massage is also a very popular way to enjoy your massage with someone at the same time.  It's your choice to be together or in separate rooms.  So bring your special someone the next time you are ready to enjoy your couples massage.
Reflexology and or feet massage. What is the difference ?  Reflexology is a therapeutic healing treatment that corresponds to body systems and organs by way of the pressure points to the feet so the foot is mapped out in zones that  help body systems.  Now the regular  foot massage is a very enjoyable massage to the feet.  So if  your foot  is in pain do to an injury or your feet are just tired,  you will get a foot massage but if your asking for the more skills of reflexology we know the difference and you will get that.  In many cases we combine both styles so either way we got you covered.
Reiki is a technique based on energy work to activate the natural and sometimes supernatural healing processes of a patient's body and restore physical and emotional well being.    We are open to energy work and welcome your request for Reiki during your massage.

Cupping is a technique that uses small cups for suction on the skin.

For most it is a relaxing sensation.  Benefits include the drawing of  blood to the area which carries with it vital nutrients and activates healing. 

We have gift cards for sale.  Excellent gift for anyone call us today.