Wonderfultouch Spa Massage Homestead FL. 33030

We offer the day spa style massage and the more medical style massage .

Lymphatic massage
prices  1 hour  sessions

1 Massage   $65.00 = 65.00
3 Massages $65.00 = $195.00
5 Massages $60.00 = $300.00
7 Massages $60.00 = $420.00
10 Massages $55.00= $550.00

This photo shows an example of a person who has recently done a tummy tuck and lipo surgery.   After this kind of surgery the patient is going to have some pain and bruising as you can see from that photoToday's doctors will recommend several lymphatic massage sessions.  Our lymphatic massage treatment will help speed the recovery and reduce the pain, swelling and discomfort as the patient  recovers from the surgery. 

This photo shows a good example of  before and after lymphatic massage treatments.  As you can see the  after photo on the right side, the bruising is much less and the swelling is much less and the recovery time is faster with lymphatic massage. For more information call Ray at 305-900-0110