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Massage price based on time. 

30 Min $35.00

50 Min $55.00

60 Min $65.00

80 Min $85.00

90 Min. $95.00


 The Swedish massage is a lite pressure massage, Very relaxing, smooth massage ment to help you relax and de-stress.  You will probably fall asleep during your very relaxing Swedish massage.  Good choice for 1st time massage. Children and older adults.  Also good for those who do not want a strong massage.           


 The Deep Tissue massage is a much stronger pressure massage than a Swedish massage. Sometimes a bit more skills is required because the therapist must use more force to loosen up tight muscles.  Sometimes deep tissue can be a bit painful  the therapist may use elbows and forearms to really get those muscles loosen up.  You might feel "pressure point pain" but if done correctly it is a good pain during the massage.


 The Hot Stone massage may be a luxury massage.  Hot stones are smooth river rocks heated in water and used over the body during the massage session.   Our skilled massage therapist may lay the stones on chakra points and even let you hold them.  Cold stones are also and option for a cold and hot stone experience. The main idea is the feel the smooth heated or cold stones gliding over your body and skin.  


 The Prenatal massage is done for woman who are pregnant usually after the first 3 months. The main difference between prenatal and a regular massage is additional comfort for the client.  Pillows are used to help "moms to be" stay comfortable in a side laying position.  Prenatal massage is great for those ladies who just need a break from it all and it is also good for the baby.  Because when Moms feels good, baby feels good.


 Our couples Massage is set up for two people who choose to have the massage at the same time in the same room or in separate rooms. This is a nice way to spend time with some one you care about.  Your session will have soft lit candles, relaxing music and dim lights to set the massage mood.


 Chair Massage service is mainly offered for events at job sites,  fairs and parties. We are hired at a flat rate of $50.00 to 60.00  per hour for each therapist.  We bring and set up everything needed to help make your event a success. 


 Lymphatic Drainage massage  is mainly offered to those who may be retaining fluids or may have gone through tummy tuck, liposuction  or breast augmentation.   This treatment is done  by a specially trained therapist to help reduce edema or swelling and help the healing process.  Lymphatic massage  is described as an enjoyable very lite kind of touch.  The purpose is to help flush the lymphatic system and reduce swelling.

Reiki & Smudge  Combined for Balancing. One good reason to do Reiki is to help fight the blues. The  feeling of being down or sluggish or even depressed.  It is not like a massage in anyway because there is almost no touch involved. It is more like a healing  positive energy.  The therapist hands simply hover over the clients body over the chakra points while the body naturally restores and corrects it own energy channel flow. We will also burn sage to help remove negative energy.   


Reflexology mixed with foot massage  is pressure points and some massage done to the feet.  The feet is mapped out in such a way that it can have an effect on body systems.  Pressure points all along the feet are targeted and the entire body responds to each pressure point to help restore better body functions and better health.


 Stretching & massage also called sports massage is done for those who enjoy the feeling of being stretch out.   Imagine feeling looser after a good stretch during your massage.  Stretching might be offered for those who have back pain and sciatica.


 Body Aches-Back Pain Stress, these kinds of conditions require special attention when you get a massage from us.  Our massage therapist will try to get rid of your back pain, stress and body aches by applying the most effective massage techniques that will work for you.


 Headaches-Migraine, we have been trained in the latest massage techniques which include targeted muscle around the head, neck shoulders and back,  deep tissue pressure, added menthol  and super oversize heat packs to really provide the ultimate therapeutic massage for stopping the migraine head aches usually in just one session.


Sciatica Pain Reduction,  Our physical therapy style massage done to the piriformis muscle, the lower back and legs plus stretching and deep tissue will give you a good start to reducing your sciatic pain problem sometimes in just 1 session.


 The fibromyalgia Pain,  This kind of  pain is a flair up that can put a person down for days.   We know that a massage can help.  So before your next flair up hits.  Get a massage and keep fibromyalgia in check. 

















































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